Revolt. Żyj pod prąd.

Live against the tide.

REVOLT ENERGY – we set new standards in the RES industry.

Together we give even more of ourselves! Revolt Energy is an investment driven by the latest technology. We set revolutionary standards in the photovoltaic industry.

Our Revolution!
Heat pump
Energy storage unit
Solar panel
Bi-directional meter
Car charger
We know roofs and photovoltaic systems like hardly anyone! We provide the highest quality systems for homes, i  companies and farms.
We limit the costs related to electricity consumption to a minimum. We act as an intermediary in obtaining the most attractive financing available on the market. With us, you can postpone a credit payment!
We carry out installation works up to 14 days, while in the "express installation" option this time is shortened to 5 days!
Panele fotowoltaiczne

We carry out a total revolution. Check to what extent.

Systemy fotowoltaiczne Revolt Energy


Revolt Energy photovoltaic systems

Magazyn energii od Revolt Energy

Energy storage unit

Energy storage unit by Revolt Energy

Energy storage unit by Revolt Energy

Revolt starts a revolution in the field of electricity storage systems. The solutions we offer  allow  to collect the generated electricity to use it at the time of increased demand or when the installation is not working.

The devices we offer are compact, which, in addition to maximum compatibility and efficiency, also allows to limit the occupied space. The storage set in combination with the photovoltaic installation give financial savings on electricity a new meaning.

Thanks to the investment in the photovoltaic installation, you will remain independent of the growing electricity prices and  you will additionally guarantee your energy security. Constantly growing electricity bills and increases in electricity prices burden the household budget. With your own photovoltaic power plant, you don't have to worry about it.

You have a chance to create an image of an ecological, innovative company. By investing in photovoltaics, you can increase the value of your business. You will produce the necessary amount of energy you need. Invest the saved money in development.

Profitability of a photovoltaic farm means that more and more people and companies invest in solar power plants. Join them with the help of our specialists!

Investing in photovoltaics is the possibility of taking advantage of a 25% tax relief, which can be deducted from agricultural tax. Invest the saved money in the development of your farm.

Żyj pod prąd z Revolt Energy!

Live against the tide with Revolt Energy!

You don't know
what to start with?

Live against the tide. Knowledge base

Każda instalacja fotowoltaiczna wymaga zastosowania kilku kluczowych elementów, takich jak panele oraz inwerter, nazywany również falownikiem.

Prosument to termin obecny w branży fotowoltaiki już od dłuższego czasu. Od niedawna można jednak coraz częściej spotkać się z innym pojęciem, jakim jest fleksument.

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